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  3. You are Free!


    In a vein,
    a sustaining one,
    blood drains
    to coat a counter.
    My mind has to lift
    or be set adrift;
    no more speaking of
    that I count her.

    All consumption
    led to all assumption;
    I’m being punished
    for saying that I need her.
    Open the screams
    where my rubies feed my dreams;
    her love and respect,
    from her I have neither!

    My heart’s muse denies
    what is real
    so I’ll have to free her.
    In the end,
    know there was no plan;
    your cage is so much freer!


    Copyrighted in 2013

    …by me, of course.


  4. Seed the Nephilim …Sonnet


    Descend with vengeance, bearing flames that warn;
    Take heed the throng of rebel fiends, bewinged!
    Apostates dipped in blood of devil’s mourn,
    Attest to scripture born from that of kings!
    Though, Ishtar goads the Angel league with wrath,
    Man falls to bleed and floods the Earth of souls;
    In wake of ruin, seraphs rise from ash
    To cleave the throats where soldiers begged for scrolls!
    Upon the loam, upon their graves they sang;
    In caves to hide their corpses, fears were waned.
    I seeded many womb and belly, panged,
    In marbled houses, then raped deft in chains.
    The Sons of Gods inherit what is owed
    When war with man exacts the Earth, bestowed.


    Copyrighted in 2012

    …by me, of course.

    Me, reading my poem on YouTube “Seed the Nephilim”

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