1. Of Rose and Subtle Sins


    I have dressed you in
    roses and subtle sins;
    tickling your tensing pussy

    perfumed and a tongue’s target

    or having your hair
    …weave a snare in my hands,
    possesses my heart intrigued.

    I have taken queens
    to seed a dream,
    but none to rule this mind in frenzies.
    You transcend my sordid borders,
    bedecked in a seraphim’s

    tender flesh
    that eases this mind to rest
    where once the idle heads
    knew not the path
    of your heart’s request!

    From your toes
    to that ever-expecting chin,
    a highway of kisses
    upon your skin
    of rose and subtle sin.
    Inhale my soul
    glued tenderly in both pairs
    of your anticipating lips…

    wagering an outcome,
    and a release of all that burdens

    in a kiss
    during our orgasms.

     ~How inconvenient that my heart has a mind of its own!~

    Come what may
    Come with inspiration of your new day
    through all your days


    Copyrighted in 2013

    It is written by me… -Mark xo

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